Caught Drinking And Driving? Know Your Rights.

A typical evening out with friends can easily spiral into a serious DWI charge. If the charge is not quickly addressed, it could result in jail time, a suspended license, high fines and a tarnished record. A second or third DWI offense could lead to even more severe penalties.

Michael H KooshoianPenalties vary depending upon your case's circumstances. Call 716-800-2741 to schedule a free consultation. I am a former prosecutor who can evaluate your case keeping in mind what the other side might use as evidence against you. I can also explain the upcoming legal process. I will evaluate any possible strategies that could get your charges dropped and will strive to lessen your penalties if dismissal is not an option.

What Is New York's Implied Consent Law?

By holding a New York driver's license, residents of the Northtowns and other parts of the state stopped by an officer automatically consent to chemical testing. If you refuse testing, you may face additional penalties, including license revocation and fines.

While you are required to submit to testing, I can use my experience defending DWI charges to evaluate the officer's actions and determine whether they followed proper protocol. If an officer improperly executed alcohol or drug testing, their results may be inadmissible in court.

You should retain a qualified attorney any time you are charged with a DWI, but it is especially important to speak with a lawyer if you are charged with aggravated DWI or vehicular manslaughter. I will look for every strategy and opportunity to defend your rights, especially if you are facing criminal charges.

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